Maluku Fisheries Corruption Sentenced to six Months

AMBON – Benjamin Sutrahitu and Suratno Ramly who is accused of corruption and two grants from the Department of Marine Fisheries and Fisheries Maluku form of making fishing boats 15 GT demanded prison for six years.

“We ask the judges to punish the defendant for six years in prison for violating Article 2 of Law No. 31 of 1999 regarding Corruption Act as amended by Act No. 20 of 2001,” said Attorney General Rolly Manampiring in Ambon, Friday (8 / 4).

Prosecutors claim delivered in a trial in the local court presiding judge who presided over corruption, Alex Smith, accompanied by Herry Leliantono and Edy Sebjengkaria as judges.

Prosecutors also charged the defendant Benjamin and Suratno pay a fine of Rp100 million subsidiary of one year in prison and pay compensation amounting to Rp231 million.

“The Treasure of the two accused will be confiscated and auctioned to cover compensation and if not enough, then they will be charged an additional penalty of one year in prison,” said the prosecutor in the injunction claim.

Benjamin Sutrahitu is the boss of PT. Sarana Bahari Business colleagues Suratno Ramly as director of PT. Pribant Fiber Glass entrusted to hold the procurement of five units of fishing vessels belonging to the Department of Marine and Fisheries Maluku.

The project, launched in 2013 was valued at 3 billion more.

The judges adjourned the trial until next week with the agenda to hear the defense counsel of the accused, Ongky Paattu.

Earlier, prosecutor Tim Attorney Maluku has also claimed three defendants of corruption cases in the form of budget support in the procurement of fishing boats fishing 30 GT during six years in prison.

The defendants were among Bastian Mainassy, ​​Abdul Munthalib Latuconsina, and Tum.

Bastian Mainassy is the former Head of Marine and Fisheries Maluku which acts as the user’s authority budget (KPA) in the project, while Abdul Munthalib Latuconsina a commitment maker officials (KDP).

Meanwhile, Tum is President Director of PT. Tum Manunggal became a partner in the procurement of materials to help the fishery by providing a fishing vessel 30 GT in the 2013 budget amounting to Rp6.9 billion from the special allocation fund plus Rp600 million from the general allocation fund.

Tim JUP lawsuit also asked the judges to punish corruption Bastian Mainassy defendant to pay a fine of Rp200 million, substituted by one year in prison.

While the defendant claimed Tum pay compensation amounting to Rp766 million subsidiary six months in prison. (tribunmaluku)

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